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Bones heavy filled with dust Those long hikes every gear it rusts Rattling warrior wind brushes hairs still Long the journey was books to fill…

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Wandering where mind might strife Called in echo called own life Down in flames no turning back Heist was done now heart attack Who we…

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Wide is the land distance is flicker Steps who where nigh now getting thicker Drizzling down forming paths down the spine Have to move on…

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Weathered by fire and hardened by ice strong as fierce as our oath might suffice In unison we stand and as we might fall there…

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Fell in love with the sound of your voice Soothing as butter never had a real choice To get close to you is still quite…

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I wanna hide and cuddle. Feel the struggle. My brain shuts off. Looking for peace of mind in the desert. Trying to desert every time…

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