GITS: All my Life

“All my life. I am 27 years old nearly 28 I was chasing. Maybe I am still chasing something that is called the eternal happiness in life. I wanna feel good warm and comfortable. Thank you for thinking of me at a time I needed you to help me, The Doctor.” “So thank you, thank … Continue reading “GITS: All my Life”


My sensors are tingling hard Time to start a new chapter Carcuss and bodying anchor No left opportunities when you fart Getting started again and again So fuck up the lines bane over bane I got banned by you you are trash Religion of my elder getting my cash Capture the flag of my old … Continue reading “Bombardement”


Im in the fashion for new daily routines Bathing badabing bing haute de cousines What you gonna do about my turtles life Crushing all the undying feelings deep inside I crushing blow, blow what you know And the feeling can’t make you stop So get on and on and on and on What is that … Continue reading “Creation”