GITS: All my Life

“All my life. I am 27 years old nearly 28 I was chasing. Maybe I am still chasing something that is called the eternal happiness in life. I wanna feel good warm and comfortable. Thank you for thinking of me at a time I needed you to help me, The Doctor.” “So thank you, thank … Continue reading “GITS: All my Life”


Bones heavy filled with dust Those long hikes every gear it rusts Rattling warrior wind brushes hairs still Long the journey was books to fill Through mountains of own despair A rebel against all odds that tear Monstrous anxiety knocking the door Blood drenched gras fell to the floor Your heads were heavy though I … Continue reading “restless”


Wandering where mind might strife Called in echo called own life Down in flames no turning back Heist was done now heart attack Who we turning to in hardest times When birds not chirp no peaceful chimes The evergreen comes and wanders We are connected going under Getting dizzy in own four walls Caved and … Continue reading “forest”


The movements of hips subtle hypnosis A rhythm we chose unnatural dosis Irregular waves we starting to crave Fitting into each other breathing so brave- Lying now on your bed still feeling the brush As the waves of your eyes ocean Though it never felt rushed Ellyptical form drawn into the air Something as sexy … Continue reading “Sexy”


Surface holds so close glitch to bitches Stuck up in pieces know all our fidges Granada got us good we fall in love Dove above can call nothing to start a glove Wrapping round hand in smeagol pressure Folding up callaesthetic dubbing measure No time losen up the belt hurdle Metallic scratches our front to … Continue reading “Marbling”