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They sitting on the coast
Roasting love like it was golden toast
Where is the chance you gotta choose
No, no lets grab a chance and ride till
Sunset, Las Vegas, Flamingo, Luego
By the field and through the sand
They hear the voices pounding
Chests heavy teasing for unknown land
Calling over the bonfire
Bongos drumming hard calling tired
The intake to strong
Bad habits get rid of is taking so long
Memory strikes again
Adulthood flies as we vanish it to bane
Greetings follow them all the way around
Textures floating through canyons
they build without making a sound
Lectures lost no crayons for color
Chill trails in fragments
Remove everything they had nicknamed
A reduction of friction in foreign lands
Who are they again, while their chique tamed
No, No I ask again
Who are they, is there something to bargain?
Bells ringing
Got nothing for cargo

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