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Corona take me oh my love
can see the light as bright as dove
when I feel how you just caught my breath
there is nothing sweeter more than death

And even though you travel far
My heart was taken from the start
But this feeling coughing up inside
Has to be special my head cramps tight

Although you love so many others
There are no lovely daughters from other mothers
That I could love after you my dear
I give you everything I have still love no fear

Corona let us just be one
Our story nearly just begun
So where you take whisper softly now
My eyes get dizzy though I take every vow

Just for you and may i be one of thousand
Cannot forget you in the warmth of sand
Slowly drizzling through my brain
What else is there to frame

My heart is suddenly shall stop
My love to you will never go
Opportunities come very narrow
You my little deathly sparrow

Word provided by:
Christine – 27
Lege i spesialisering
Bor i Oslo
6 kilometer unna

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