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Slopsided widdling around
we are three can you hear the sound
Like penguins filling up the air with new breath
These eggs were all new now they starting to break

You see the world with brand new eyes
As ice and everything around you colllides
Diving so deep and catching fish in the tides
When you too long away mother she cries

Your greyish fur makes you warm and soft
What can you tell you are here float aloft
Us both we are proud as penguins can be
If we could grind we would do this in glee

And if you get fat front side to big
Just roll down the slope you’re there in a flick
Catching coldwater fish you know how to do
As our child you should feel to try new
Always know we love you too


Word provided by Noémie from Tinder on the 21st of March at 23:51

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