Bones heavy filled with dust Those long hikes every gear it rusts Rattling warrior wind brushes hairs still Long the journey was books to fill Through mountains of own despair A rebel against all odds that tear Monstrous anxiety knocking the door Blood drenched gras fell to the floor Your heads were heavy though I … Continue reading “restless”


Wandering where mind might strife Called in echo called own life Down in flames no turning back Heist was done now heart attack Who we turning to in hardest times When birds not chirp no peaceful chimes The evergreen comes and wanders We are connected going under Getting dizzy in own four walls Caved and … Continue reading “forest”


Share what you got in your head A feeling fruition a typical lead Follows a boom right onto your skin As I can’t get your attention at least i want it to glim Depth is what you’re searching for Cannot provide as I am standing in oar Exchanging words in a smear no real words … Continue reading “transition”


There was a schoolgirl raging in violence No one took her serious not the broadcast And so her feelings grew stronger the tenden- See she was of a bigger stature a bronze cast What you got in your head are broken thoughts About a girl a girl with a broken head and ambitions Not a … Continue reading “schoolgirl”


Yielding for that uniform Species unite in the wrestlers galore Your canal is tighting in the midgnight of horde Noises collect and no feeling is thorn Mouth what you got Vibes always chilling got no pulse for resort The statue liberting you’re to complex to sort Genre is hiding whatcha meaning I am ford Mustang … Continue reading “Receipt”


My sensors are tingling hard Time to start a new chapter Carcuss and bodying anchor No left opportunities when you fart Getting started again and again So fuck up the lines bane over bane I got banned by you you are trash Religion of my elder getting my cash Capture the flag of my old … Continue reading “Bombardement”


Im in the fashion for new daily routines Bathing badabing bing haute de cousines What you gonna do about my turtles life Crushing all the undying feelings deep inside I crushing blow, blow what you know And the feeling can’t make you stop So get on and on and on and on What is that … Continue reading “Creation”


Anti Alles herrscht in meinem Kopf Tagelohn Pillen-Form geschluckt, wie Jim Knopf Frau, Malen, Zahlen bleibt nichts mehr wie im Loch Das ist Spar da, passt nichts in meinen Eintopf Ess’ nichts mehr, meine Hand zittert fahrig Eingeschlafen, wie Sam gegen Tarik Halt’s Maul, weil der Kritiker sein aufreißt Darthmaul, zwei Schwerter, keiner außer ihm … Continue reading “Pharmazie”