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A future to hold

As governments try to provoke rules we stand tall and find our own ways inside the communities. After the break down of the big social networks we found our own ways of communicating again with each other.

It started with big trends of mindfulness and easy though quite shitty DIY projects we found on platforms like Pinterest or WikiHow. We wanted more. After the great pandemic in the early 2020s we faced ourselves in our homes. Found new hobbies and wanted to be more autark in the face of feeling helpless. We found new meaning in the idea of creating a future for our own. 

Let us breath freely. This is our city and we want to change it for good. A helpful neighborhood was created outside the disconnection of the old social media networks. Facebook and Instagram were finally dead and with it the idea of projecting yourself through a simple status update. Create was the new trend. 

Everyone had their own idea of helping and sharing knowledge. The currency of this quietly developed over time. We still had money and exchanged them for services or the new blueprint of something amazing that was tested by other users. We felt we could change and collectively do that together. Cause we connected again.

Top Roof Gardening became one of the biggest trends in the 20s. The sun burning brighter than ever and we planted millions of trees.

We help each other to create something new. A smaller market of goods and helpfulness exploded. Services for creating your own goods for individual transportation were created. If there was a brand it cared for the people being able to repair, maintain and alter.

We 3D Print everything and extremely fast.

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