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Uncondition. Condition. Un. Con
Done with this shit am the don of this shit
Got the pop collar rocking my turtle walk I choking
Hazards flowing back at me what you talking
Hey girl what’s up check the bling on your whatsapp
No, no you won’t write back doesn’t matter my phone waiting
For that big trap always chasing timely hasting
Got no time to be resting waiting pillows
On my big old chair in front of thousand worlds
As long as the back it curls calling on to make a new condition
Falling condition of my mind it drops and drowns
Got no pleasure in a throne just needing close and
Both my child and grandpa feeling icky
Sticking notes on my front cortex always watching the glue
Slowly got losen as my nose see we are losing
Sanity flowing up cool with sugar popping the air
Our life has taken so far still not driving a car
Never went really far except to lay down in arms
Shoot. Shoot. Shoot. Don’t care for maxmum rendition
I want a secret condition yes a secret condtion
Just for me to share for us. Just for me to share for us.

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