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Where have you been all these years
I cannot even remember your smile
Got blurred by all these random lights
While I was abroad

As I look in your eyes I feel what was
Though it may never be the same
Times run faster as we grow old
Now we are standing here

You asked me how I did
I say yes, there where ups and downs
So, so it works out in the end
Though I was never truly happy

That’s a shame hope you feel better
As you look up again I can see that spark
It got lost over time but spotting the youth
Still firing strong against a stubborn mind

How did we end up meeting again
When we were young there was no time
Nothing much to think about
Oh, how wrong are these thoughts

Nothing was good but from here
It looks like the times where amazing
Chasing our demons without hesitating
They’d bite back we surrender

How are you doing?
I’m fine
Do you wanna go for a walk?
Yes sure

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