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Share what you got in your head
A feeling fruition a typical lead
Follows a boom right onto your skin
As I can’t get your attention at least i want it to glim

Depth is what you’re searching for
Cannot provide as I am standing in oar
Exchanging words in a smear no real words
What is that feeling as I only see turds

Good morning man we love your style
Good morning man we crave you for a mile
Good morning man no offense but you must be kidding
Good morning man this is tense is that the horse you’re bidding

An idea comes to mind
leads to something new deep inside
no income means not great outcome
just try it out and take my side

Everything is wrong as long as you believe
Transition from front to back we watching it go
The great manege the great theatrical show
Is your inner dog coming can it retrieve

The second act is harder harder everytime
You see when you get there that even with nurture
It is hard to believe we are more than a dollar and dime
More than the public makes us feel more than just torture

You can be what you want
Let’s begin with this cunt
A poem of ideation
Of greater creation

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