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society is in ashes and we dont really know where we should go
Fuck you. Fuck you. All of you who think this is worth fighting for
We have a big crisis to face but no one is going to talk about it. So here I am and showing you how it is done. Metaphorically speaking and no information leaking about the good old days. We are the filtered bubble popping asses going down without even noticing how far they’ve come. And what with all this shit? You say it is for love but in the end no-one cares about you and your creations. You are going to die alone in some kinda old and dumb life decision you made up in your fourties and dont know how to get out there. Your spouse moved to someone else and everyone is still going to die. There is no future. There is no future. There is just death and misery. Everywhere where you look there is nothing more than death and misery. People die and we couldn’t give less fucks.

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