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My biggest foe I bite into your toe
What you gonna do about that
You dont know but I still go on
Fuck it, yeah I have my own loan
Paycheck to fill up my bank
Straight neck just to go for the next attack
Everyone around thinks I am crank
No heart, no liver no problems to break
Getting bleak but no one else has taught
And what do we feel like in the rain?
When its pouring and no umbrella could hold
Up those tears we are watching elevating ourself
What did you say you cannot reach the top of the shelf
No I dont even think of helping you to your certain death
Too much sugar in all those fucking sheets hold your breath
I cannot even imagine how much idiocracy you have to endure
I am sure and I can speak for many you need to see a therapist
No other of your people thought of creating this blood mist
No one went this direction
Why do you even pay attention?

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