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My companion my best friend
we went through every project
no is the time to end
Violins bowing up last chord
As i prospect I eject my last will
On CD 700 Megabytes nothing more to see there
Everything is on there a red lighting bright flare
To signal where the landing spot is
Get your soldiers and burst through my chest
Aliens are louder the more they dont want to be best
Difference is in our minds and we dont care who produces us
We are the instrument of the bottom pit the shit that is left
A theft that could only be done by the best buglars
Planned for a long time like a medley of life situations
We looked up into the stars to see our future and could see nothing more than space
Not hitting that ace for a long time no direction to go further
We are space children still the same aliens we wanted to be
An undecyperable device a reference no one gets
We are wanna be cools but never were
So we let it be and close our eyes and let us see
This lesson you told us is now finished
Got faith but it is diminished

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