Old Tree

You are withered however blessed with great knowledge Your roots spread wide as you lived here for half a lifetime Feeling your bark tingles every nerve from edge to edge Standing in your fresh breath forgives every crime Tones travel far cause you listen so closely Vibrating cerebral closing the eyes And resonates peaking mere … Continue reading “Old Tree”


Surface holds so close glitch to bitches Stuck up in pieces know all our fidges Granada got us good we fall in love Dove above can call nothing to start a glove Wrapping round hand in smeagol pressure Folding up callaesthetic dubbing measure No time losen up the belt hurdle Metallic scratches our front to … Continue reading “Marbling”


Corona take me oh my love can see the light as bright as dove when I feel how you just caught my breath there is nothing sweeter more than death And even though you travel far My heart was taken from the start But this feeling coughing up inside Has to be special my head … Continue reading “coronavirus”


Share what you got in your head A feeling fruition a typical lead Follows a boom right onto your skin As I can’t get your attention at least i want it to glim Depth is what you’re searching for Cannot provide as I am standing in oar Exchanging words in a smear no real words … Continue reading “transition”


There was a schoolgirl raging in violence No one took her serious not the broadcast And so her feelings grew stronger the tenden- See she was of a bigger stature a bronze cast What you got in your head are broken thoughts About a girl a girl with a broken head and ambitions Not a … Continue reading “schoolgirl”


Ah ah.. As the ambush starts Time to wasting our cards Setting all on one bet What can I do What do I choose Every swipe feels like im running Most of time timely stunning Yeah, what is that in your hand I dont care baby kiss me bland Lie one more time so we … Continue reading “single”


Kann dir nicht glauben bin im Fußballklub Bergbäche fließen Täler hinab wie dem Ball zu folgen War nie so der Ausgangstyp aber wusste immer wo der Eingang ist Bekomm nichts hin doch die Grundlagen stehen klar General, General, Generaladdiktion meiner ewigen Qual Wasserwerke tragen bei Flut die größten Energien Hab die Wahl was großes zu … Continue reading “Umsetzung”