Too many

Wrote too many lines with my own. Couldn’t even dare to say, that you were there. And I would wait for you when you get old help your steps to follow mine. When it was menacing for the leaves falling off the little branches that grew in the wrong direction. Cutting off the top trying to see clearer what held captive. In the pendulum of movement kept wet though there were so many things to say. Goodbye, hello, let’s go out for an adventure. My roots are held down in this bed and I like to be alone for a while. Pls, don’t feel anger. Feel anger, hate me for what I can or can do not. I sometimes feel your love and it kills me to see your sorrow running down your cheeks into the drain of the promises I never kept. When all went to save the world and hold on the time I always wanted to feel. Every sunshine stroked my heart.

Transsilvanian railway to a new manoeuvre. Even when I cannot resume in my own way that I see right here. The head is getting filled up with ideas to desert all the shit provided broke the calculation you and I wanted to feel. Now I am  

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